• Winter is creeping upon us and I brought in all my summer peppers. In the past, I’d stuff a bunch of peppers to a bag of soil and let them chill dormant in my garage. This year I’m going to overwinter the strong peppers and do pepper cuttings in compost. It got low enough for… [Continue Reading]

    How to do Pepper Cuttings in Compost
  • In this post, we will cover how to grow strawberries and runners and how that process looks starting from original crowns and runners. The goal is to figure out how many strawberries can be purchased affordably and then how many new plants can be quickly acquired from runners. At home strawberries are so much better than… [Continue Reading]

    How to Grow Strawberries and Runners
  • One thing that emerged during this long pandemic was a new love of making bread to pass the time. Being locked up gave me time to play. The local Target was sold out of bread ingredients for weeks until the store caught up with demand. After my first few bread experiments, I found I had… [Continue Reading]

    Whole Wheat Coronavirus Bread
  • The summer gardens are just getting in full swing. Though gardening is all about timing and summer is when I make sure my fall plans are set. I didn’t have my own garden last year. I have a yard I can use this year and I plan to use it. If you have your own… [Continue Reading]

    Starter Tips For Fall Gardening
  • The thing that most new gardeners don’t get is that if the world were to stop working all of a sudden it would be no easy feat to turn one’s yard instantly into a food factory. The reason? First, you need sufficient land and seeds, experience growing those seeds, a decent plan in general, a… [Continue Reading]

    Worm Castings to Build Healthy Soil

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