About Us


Frugal Farm Girl is where frugal living, soft retiring, and homesteading meet as well as any topic in those realms. This is where I share encouragement and inspiration with other people who have dreams of walking away from their job and living a quiet farmer life, through posts that share ideas and musings, and personal stories about the path and knowledge I’m picking up. I noticed a lot of FI/RE blogs though not a lot about wanting to achieve what I’m coining FarmFIRE where you are finally free to just do whatever you want on a farm without concerns about how you will support yourself.

My first big interest in young life was how money works so I could be free of it. I love working to be clear, just my desire was to work for myself and on things that mattered to me instead of renting time out to a boss who would want to be rid of me if at any moment it pleases them to do so. I wanted a lot of money so that I didn’t need money. The funny thing is that if your expenses are kept lean you can retire on very little in the survival sense of not needing a job though with the intent I try to improve earning potential and still keep building up money while able, just in a less frenzied and desperate paycheck to paycheck way.

I also noticed a lot of gardening or homesteading topic blogs really seem to be so focused on selling stuff that just put me off as a lot of the stuff suggested is not necessary or even preferable. It is clearly there for the site owner to get a sale and some of what is up is what I consider misleading.

I achieved my FarmFIRE goal once, though between a divorce and a move I’m having to rebuild a lot of what I built and tackle the finances again.


Mel is a southerner now in Minnesota with over eleven years of homesteading experience. She used to be stationed on an acre homestead where she grew a wide variety of fruits & vegetables, herbs, and flowers, as well as raised various livestock and mostly was free to experiment in a variety of interests and topics. In the nice weather, you can find her outside, but in the winter she spends a lot of time doing cooking experiments and writing.