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Best Income Producing Assets

A topic that comes up often though worded in different ways is how to acquire wealth. The best way to build wealth is that any money you bring in should…

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stock market

Build a Portfolio with Dividend Stocks or ETFs

I have a couple of different investment accounts. One of them is my boring retirement account, an experimental portfolio I mostly play around with, and a few other portfolios made…

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generate income from investment

Generate Income in 2021 From Investment

I find myself in the year 2021. After all this pandemic nonsense and becoming pregnant, a major focus for me this year is figuring out how to generate income from…

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investing money

Robo Advisors: Investing For People Who Want to Start

I have a major love for the new robo advisors that have popped up in the last few years. They are easy to set up and open up the world…

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lending deal

Peer to Peer Lending Risks in 2021

There is a whole world of Peer to Peer lending. I spent today trying to determine Peer to Peer lending risks. I keep having it recommended to me as an…

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growing money

Why You Should Not Play With Your Investment Account

For most people, it is easy to predict what their plans will be within the next hour. Some people can plan things a week or month out, but past that…

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building your net worth

See Your Net Worth Increase Even When You Don’t Work

Due to pandemic concerns as well as civil unrest concerns due to location, I quit my job in favor of transitioning to something else. Other than occasional freelance jobs I…

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