tiny pumpkins 1

Pumpkin Pie From Scratch from Fresh Pumpkins?

I got a random free pumpkin this year and even though it is a somewhat tiny one I plan to dig seeds out of it and use the little thing….

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natural log side table

DIY Tree Stump Table, Forest Recycling Fun

It is a great treat when you can find items from nature to work into your decor and crafting fun. I had a lot of fun in the past playing…

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assorted small vegetables 1

Small Space Gardening in a First-Year Garden

This year I have quite a bit of potential land to convert to a garden. Given this is my first year and the soil is decent though not built up,…

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Acorns 1

Making Acorn Flour With Foraged Acorns

I no longer have my forest lot where I could collect tons of acorns, luckily via Facebook I can find people giving them away locally on occasion or I can…

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pine tree 1

Pine Needle Tea For Tasty Drink

As I ease myself into the foraging world of Minnesota, I get to start off with some of my more familiar staples. My yard is full of 3 mulberry trees…

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frugal living tips scaled

Frugal Living Tips For Starting to Save

Since the divorce, I’m having to revisit the mindset and skills I developed at 19. My mother had a pretty good job so she always had a good bit of…

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yellow dandelion jelly

First Dandelion Jelly From Fresh Flowers

While some people and places have never been introduced to the concept of using the resources around them and use of “wild foods”, I have always appreciated the first spring…

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man relaxing

Reaching for Early Retirement and Financial Safety

Since joining the FIRE community, I have set myself a task to try to be financially set in 3-5 years. My goal isn’t to stop working. I just want enough…

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garlic cloves and bulb 1

Growing Garlic From Cloves in My Minnesota Garden

I love garlic. I use garlic in the majority of my cooking and it is often one of those crops I suggest to people showing interest in a market garden…

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why you are broke

9 Reasons You Might Be Broke and How to Fix It

Do you have a problem where you feel like you don’t have enough money to cover your expenses? Maybe you observe your friends and they all seem to be doing…

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