red tomato cluster

A Bit About Determinate and Indeterminate Tomatoes

Many people just starting out with tomatoes tend to buy what are known as “bush tomatoes”. These are a determinate tomato variety and they generally grow to a certain height…

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fall garden 1

Some Tools and Starter Tips For Fall Gardening

The summer gardens are just getting in full swing. Though gardening is all about timing and summer is when I make sure my fall plans are set. I didn’t have…

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Worm Castings to Build Healthy Soil

The thing that most new gardeners don’t get is that if the world were to stop working all of a sudden it would be no easy feat to turn one’s…

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white mulberries

Mulberry Tree Propagation From Cuttings

My current yard I’m playing with has a couple of mulberry trees. My southern property also had some white mulberries and I had some success with rooting some of those…

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little plant sprout in dirt

Using Paper Towels to Germinate Seeds

Seeds seem to germinate mostly when they please. Some seeds will pop up right away and others will sit there for about a month before they start sending out roots…

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green plant in clear glass

Best Income Producing Assets

A topic that comes up often though worded in different ways is how to acquire wealth. The best way to build wealth is that any money you bring in should…

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How To Hatch Chicks In An Incubator

Hatching out little quail or chickens can be intimidating at first and a lot of things will convince you that you need expensive gear to do so or nothing will…

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kgxd1h ivmg

Tomato Leaf Homemade Pest Control Spray

While on the surface my desire to harness tomato leaf waste for a natural pesticide might seem frugal, the truth is I see it as more defensive. There are news…

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How to Store Seeds For Years or Even Decades

When you check the back of the packet on garden seeds you will notice they have a one-year sell-by date as well as usually something indicating how long you can…

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hard to save money 1

Why is it Hard To Save Money?

One of the great mysteries of life is why is it so easy to spend money, but so hard to save it? Saving money is really challenging if you are…

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